Warranty Information

Newer Spreader® warranties all parts of the Newer Spreader® to be free of manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1 year (2 years for Model 350-HD only) from date of purchase. If any part should fail due to a manufacturer’s defect during this period, simply return the defective part (at your shipping expense) to Newer Spreader® and we will send you a new replacement part at our shipping expense.

Newer Spreader® will not replace any parts that fail due to abuse or improper use, for spreading any material other than manure and bedding, or for anything other than the use as a manure/bedding spreader. Caution should be used when backing that you do not jackknife the Newer Spreader® and bend the tongue rails.

We are constantly working on our product to maintain its superior quality, low maintenance and efficiency. We reserve the right to change our product in order to maintain these attributes.

For more questions or more information call us TOLL FREE: 1-866-626-8732 or email us at info@newerspreader.com.