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The Newer Spreader is the greatest piece of equipment that has happened to my home ranch in many years. Once my staff used it, they wouldn’t go back to anything else. It is simple and absolutely efficient in design and so user-friendly. Every person that owns a barn is cheating himself by not having the Newer Spreader. Genius! What more can I say?

Richard ShrakeInternationally known Clinician, Judge and Trainer

I love my newer spreader. no more lifting heavy buckets or wheelbarrows full of manure! just bring it right up to the stall door, muck the stalls, hook it up to the tractor and spread! my garden tractor pulls it! no more manure piles! there is no comparison to other manure spreaders! its spreads an entire load in minutes! hay and horse hair does not get entangled in moving parts! no belts or parts to break and replace. no rust. its lightweight! my back isnt sore at all after mucking! i would recommend this to anyone! fantastic product!

JenniferTallahassee, FL

This is our third summer using the newer spreader and I need to tell you that we absolutely love your product. It is everything you advertise it to be. My husband and I actually argue over who is going to spread the manure!!

BeckyMoravia, NY

I bought our Newer Spreader in January and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. We have two Paso Finos on our 2 1/2 acres and the Newer Spreader has made the task of stall cleaning so much easier. I can spreader the manure and bedding quickly and evenly. I highly recommend your product to all of the horse owners I know. It is the best solution and I actually enjoy using it.

SandyBrooksville, FL

I received my Newer Spreader Monday afternoon and my husband and I assembled it Tuesday morning. Kudos to the assembly manual author. It was clear and easy to follow. Used the spreader immediately after we assembled it. It is the best thing since canned beer! I’m cleaning 6 stalls, that doesn’t even fill it. I pull it with the John Deere lawnmower. It’s light and easy to move by hand and just perfect for our operation. Thank you for a super product!

LeslieVeneta, Oregon

Today, I just finished using it for the first time. It’s FANTASTIC!!I’m so glad I didn’t hesitate getting this! It’s definitely a TIME SAVER and I feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it already!! Now we can fertilize the yard area and it won’t be harmful for the family of Canadian geese that have made their home with us year around!

I can’t thank you enough for a TERRIFIC product!! It’s everything that it’s advertised to be and more!

ValerieMcDonough, Georgia

I received my Newer Spreader and put it together without incident with the excellent instructions and photos. I spread 3 months of manure manufactured by my Mule and Burro in 45 minutes. That equated to 10 Newer Spreader loads. The 45 minutes included shoveling the three months worth of manure into the Newer Spreader. It spreads quickly and efficiently and operates flawlessly. I also have the agitator which I highly recommend. The agitator assists in a quick efficient delivery of the manure. My property is 1.8 acres and the Newer Spreader is just the ticket to a lightweight efficient easy to use Spreader.

KenLas Cruces, New Mexico

Wow! Can’t say enough good things about it. Very easy to assemble, works beautifully. I only wish I had more manure to spread! Worth every penny and then some!

CustomerWashington State

I just had to let you know we finally took the time to put the Newer Spreader together last night, a simple task, I might add. I used it for the first time this morning and I must say it is quite a little time saver. It is just what the small horse farm was asking for and priced right for it’s work capacity and ease of use


The spreader is awesome!!


Just received our spreader and was impressed with the quality and workmanship.

CustomerRhode Island

I love it!!! It is a really nice piece of equipment and I know it will give good service…well made and a great design.


I wanted to compliment you on the simple and effective “Newer Spreader”. The first day I used it but decided to work it hard and see if it was too good to be true. I am thrilled with the easy handling and the way it breaks the manure balls themselves up. I can spread manure on my lawn now because it doesn’t look like what is actually is.


I received my Newer Spreader yesterday in perfect condition and I assembled it last evening. Everything fit perfectly and it worked flawlessly right out of the box..I am very pleased.


So now that I have put the Newer Spreader through it’s paces, I must tell you it is JUST RIGHT..and it works just great!


Last year I purchased my Newer Spreader for use in my five stall barn. I have found the job to be easy as possible with your product. Even my friends and family who don’t own horses were impressed.


WE have a horse and a pony, and during the winter months the manure from these two was put on a pile and we had to have someone come and remove it every spring. We purchased a Newer spreader awhile back and have been using it since. No more pushing wheelbarrows and creating huge piles of manure. Thank you for making life so much easier.


Just wanted to let you know how much I like the spreader. The design and construction is great and it works well. Now if I could figure out how to get the manure into the spreader without shoveling!


It [Newer Spreader] is very easily maneuvered in and out of the stall and hooks up so easily to my lawn mower. Thank you for solving my one major barn problem


I have had my spreader for about a month now and just wanted to let you know that I am completely satisfied with it. It does a great job of breaking up and spreading the manure! We want to compliment you on the ease of putting it together and that your instructions were very concise and easy to follow. Thank you again for a great product.


I just wanted to tell you that I got my Newer Spreader last week and I love it. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!


Received our Newer Spreader and was very impressed. The parts were well made and they went together without a hitch. The machines works just fine. You deliver a very high quality product.


I just love it. I’ve never been so excited about something as this so I’m spreading the word to all my horse friends. It is sooo easy to use.


We’ve been using the Newer Spreader for a week and couldn’t be more pleased. It seems to take much of the work out of mucking stalls.


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell your company what a great product you have in the Newer Spreader. I have been hauling and hand spreading my manure for years. What a God send this spreader is. I know have time to do other things like. .. ride my horses!


Wow! This is the neatest thing since sliced bread. I love it!! I was disappointed when I didn’t have any more manure to haul out of the barn. It’s so much fun! I kick myself for waiting so long to purchase it.


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